The first video was created by one of our guests when they were on holiday in mid-February 2017. As you can see, even in winter-time guests can get out and about and visit many interesting and scenic places close to the cottage. The cottage is very dog-friendly, and Piper, the Newfoundland, enjoyed the large secure garden, and trips to the local beaches.

Three miles to the north east of Kenmuir Cottage, and just 7 minutes away by car, is the village of Sandhead, which boasts a 7-mile long beach called Luce Sands. Situated on the west shore of Luce Bay, the beach can be seen in the second video and is very safe, very clean, and has beautiful sand. It is ideal for swimming, windsurfing, paddling, building sandcastles, playing with the dog, walking, and sunbathing.

The third video was taken on a very sunny Saturday afternoon in July 2012 at Torrs Warren. At the end of a forest walk you will find the northern end of Luce Bay, and the beach stretches all the way back to Sandhead. There are no houses, caravans or buildings, and you rarely see people. There's just nature - seabirds, sand and sea - and it is therefore a sanctuary of peace, tranquillity and beauty.